• Why is having an agent is so important? – There are many advantages to having a agent, some of those reasons are:- Help with comparing plans – An agent is crucial when trying to compare plans and benefits. Insurance is complex and having an educated expert on your side can make the world of difference when shopping for coverage.- Finding the right fit for you – An agent will tailor fit your insurance to your needs; they will find the most suitable coverage for you and your specific situation. Being an independent agency means that we can offer an array of companies and plans to our clients.

    Easy applications & personal customer service – An agent with help make the application process as simple as possible and will be there for you in the future to help with customer service needs. You won’t be treated like a number when you have an agent.

    Experienced & educated – Agents are experienced, licensed, highly educated professionals; that work in a complex and rapidly changing industry. Their knowledge can help you make an educated decision about your insurance coverage that you can trust.

  • How much does your service cost? There is no added cost to your monthly insurance payment when you purchase your health or life insurance through an agent. Your rates are determined by the insurance company, and filed with the Texas Department of Insurance; rates are based on location, age, tobacco usage, and the policy you choose. That means that no matter how you buy your plan, you will pay the same rate whether you go direct, or through an agency. Based on recent changes across the industry some agents are beginning to charge consultation fees for their adviser services.
  • What is the ‘Best’ Health Insurance plan for me? – There are many factors to consider when shopping for coverage. There is no one ‘best’ plan because everyone is different. What is the best plan for a single 29 year old male is not the best plan for a family of 5 with parents in their 40’s. That is why having an agent to help find your best fit is so important. A STATE OF TEXAS RESOURCE FOR UNDERSTANDING HOW TO FIND AND USE HEALTH INSURANCE.
  • How do I know I am getting the best rate? – Health insurance premiums are filed with and regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. That means, you can rest assured knowing that you will pay the same monthly premium for the same plan in Texas whether you purchased with a local agent, with Texas Medical Plan, or directly with the carrier.
  • If I apply for insurance do I have to buy? – No, you will have the opportunity to return the policy for a refund during your ’10-day Free Look’ period. Also, insurance is a month to month contract, so you can cancel anytime you apply for coverage and are approved.
  • Do I still need to have an insurance agent? – Yes, now more than ever before. Having an agent is your best bet for finding insurance that you can understand and afford. Your agent understands the industry and will be your ally in navigating what is a complicated and confusing purchase.
  • I really like the healthcare plan I have now. Can I just keep it? Possibly. Most companies are allowing you to renew your plan for the next year without having to take any action. Your agent can tell you how your plan will be affected or let you know if you will need to make changes now.
  • Do I have to make a change right now? The time to make changes to your health insurance and enroll in health insurance is during the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period is November 1st until December 15th for qualified health plans for people under 65 years old without Medicare.
  • Can I keep my insurance agent? Yes, Texas Medical Plans is happy to help you navigate buying health insurance under Obamacare. Texas Medical Plan’s agents can also help explore alternatives to Obamacare.
  • Do I have to purchase insurance through the Federal Government Exchange? No. Most people will continue to purchase insurance the way they always have. The Government Exchange is for people who need help paying for their premium. You can see rates now at www.health-quotes.com.
  • I’ve decided just to buy through the Federal Government Exchange. Is there any way that Texas Medical Plans can still be my agent and help me choose the best plan for me and my family? Absolutely. When you apply for a plan through the Exchange website, you’ll come to a page entitled “Help applying for coverage.” On this screen, you must enterthe following:
    Agent’s Name: Gregory N. Myers
    National Producer Number: 1127503
    FFM ID: homerg
  • Am I eligible for a tax subsidy and how much will insurance cost? An agent can help you determine if you are eligible and estimate your subsidy, or you can visit www.health-quotes.com to learn more.
  • Is there a penalty for not having insurance? No, the tax penalty has been eliminated for tax year 2019. If you were without qualified insurance coverage in 2018, a tax penalty will likely apply.
  • Someone called last night and said I had to make a change in my coverage because of Obamacare. Were they right? Telemarketing and health insurance scam artists are taking advantage of the new law because there is a lot of confusion. Watch out for these unscrupulous individuals who are eager to take advantage of the situation. If you choose to talk with a telemarketer, ask them for their Texas Department of Insurance License number, their National Producer number, and a copy of their Errors and Omissions (malpractice) insurance. If your caller isn’t happy to produce that information, you may want to tread carefully.

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Texas Medical Plans, LLC and the employees of Texas Medical Plans, LLC are authorized to collect personally identifiable information (PII) from you by the insurance companies that we are legally authorized to represent, the Health Insurance Marketplace, and limited third-party enrollment and quoting platforms. We only disclose PII to the Health Insurance Marketplace if you seek to enroll for coverage through that path, which is completely voluntary. Any PII we collect is used solely to provide you with quotes for insurance products upon your request and to enroll for said insurance products. We also use this information as necessary to provide policy service. 

If you choose to give us PII, we may share this information with the insurance company that you are seeking coverage with, and internally within our organization. PII is used or disclosed only under the following circumstances: quoting purposes, enrollment of coverage, policy service, or upon your request to individuals that you authorize. 

Your requirement to provide PII to Texas Medical Plans, LLC is completely voluntary. If you choose not to provide us with the PII requested, or do not respond to certain questions, we will be limited in the accuracy of quotes, information and product recommendations we are able to provide as it pertains to your personal situation. We will also be limited in the capacity which we can assist with your enrollment and policy service needs.

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