ObamaCare is falling apart

The next ObamaCare Open Enrollment Period begins one week before the presidential election, and it ends about a week after our next president is inaugurated. November 1st is going to bring more bad news for Obamacare with even higher rate increases than we have seen in the past years. The next president is going to inherit this crisis.

Many insurers are already proposing substantial increases or others say they are going to leave the market all together. With all of the uncertainty you should know that there are alternatives to the ObamaCare marketplace exchanges for some. These options include short-term major medical plans, health care sharing ministries and small group employer plans.

Many analysts have said that the first five years of ObamaCare would be a struggle. They warned that the market could take years to balance out to a point that we would start really seeing reduced costs for health care and better outcomes for patients. They were right, as we enter the fourth year of open public and federal exchanges; things are still only getting worse.

As ObamaCare continues to fall apart, agents and brokers are working harder than ever to present clients with viable alternatives to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans that more and more people just cannot see as an affordable option anymore.

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