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Qualifying events can make you eligible for health insurance

Qualifying events can make you eligible to sign up for health insurance

Qualifying events can make you eligible to sign up for health insurance

Are you interested in signing up for a Texas health insurance plan, but not sure if you’re able to? For most Texans open enrollment is closed; however you can qualify for Marketplace Insurance Coverage if you have had some major changes in your life.

Open enrollment for Marketplace Insurance Coverage closed at the end of March, but under certain circumstances you can still enroll in a Texas medical plan. Known as Qualifying Life Events, these changes will make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. Qualifying Life Events include moving to a different coverage area, certain changes in income and changes in family size, such as adopting a child or getting a divorce.   

If you’ve had a major change in your life and need to enroll or make changes to your Texas health insurance plan, call us, there may be options. Short-term coverage is also available if you need coverage but have not had a Qualifying Life Event. While short-term insurance will not fulfill your responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act, it will help you pay for what can be devastating medical bills.  



Preventative Services are an essential benefit

The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance plans cover 10 essential health benefits. This requirement is designed to help ensure that your Texas health insurance is there when you need it most.

One of the most popular benefits has proven to be the preventative health screenings. This benefit is actually a series of benefits, all designed to help you take control of your health.

While many of these screenings, vaccines and counseling were previously available, the Affordable Care Act mandates that they be offered to you free of charge, with no co-payment or co-insurance, no matter what your deductible may be.

These screenings include diabetes, blood pressure and colorectal cancer screening. Also included are screenings for depression and alcohol misuse as well as obesity and diet counseling. A wide range of immunizations for adults are covered, including hepatitis, pneumonia, influenza, varicella, tetanus and many more recommended vaccines. 

Health insurance in Texas offers many benefits, the greatest of which is the peace of mind of knowing that your finances are secure should your health needs increase. If you have any questions about your Texas medical plans, please contact us today. 

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